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By integrating three or more dipole antennas into the frames of popular glasses today, users can more easily and efficiently locate radiating nearby objects of interest within their augmented reality-based, FOVs (from people carrying smartphones to retail items incorporating miniature antennas). In this system, each local object may emit an "I am here" signal and, correspondingly, each antenna onboard the glasses, may receive the same signal at a different signal strength. By measuring the received signal strengths at each of the antennas, the system can estimate the whereabouts of the local radio emitting object.

This solution, which is based on common radio emission modules such as Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon to Eddystone) and asymmetric radiation patterns, elegantly requires less hardware, connectivity, and power. It does not rely on static “object” locations, imprecise GPS positioning, or power-intensive and faulty image recognition solutions.

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Research & Development

In our "phase one" prototype, we have proved that it is possible to detect the direction of arrival of a Bluetooth signal emitted by an iPhone with good accuracy using a very light and undemanding wearable. We have been able to test and verify the replicability of the results over a number of test cases in different environments.

Market Support

Per a Grand View Research report, a 70% CAGR is projected for the Head-Mounted Display Augmented Reality technology space from 2016-2024, at a market size of over $100B (2024).

The number of global Bluetooth beacon devices is projected to grow at a rate of 222.8% year over year during the period of 2016-2020. This market is being propelled by a number of key influencers including Apple (developer of iBeacon technology) as well as Microsoft and Google (developers of beacon technology standards).

IHS Market expects that the number of smartphones will surpass 6 billion devices by the year 2020, where a majority of these devices which will be Bluetooth enabled.

Market Applications


US Publication No. Title Priority Date Pub. Date
US 9,092,898 Method, system and apparatus for the augmentation of radio emissions 7/3/2014 7/28/2015
US 2016/0005233 Method, system, and apparatus for optimizing the augmentation of radio emissions 7/3/2014,
Additional patents currently being filed (unpublished)

Functional Team

Wagoo AR's functional team across current and future collaborators comprises various professionals and institutions.


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