By integrating three or more dipole antennas into the frames of popular glasses today, users can more easily and efficiently locate radiating nearby objects of interest within their augmented reality-based, FOVs (from people carrying smartphones to retail items incorporating miniature antennas). In this system, each local object may emit an "I am here" signal and, correspondingly, each antenna onboard the glasses, may receive the same signal at a different signal strength. By measuring the received signal strengths at each of the antennas, the system can estimate the whereabouts of the local radio emitting object.

This solution, which is based on common radio emission modules such as Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon to Eddystone) and asymmetric radiation patterns, elegantly requires less hardware, connectivity, and power. It does not rely on static “object” locations, imprecise GPS positioning, or power-intensive and faulty image recognition solutions.

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